Get a Job!

This might seem mad when you have retired, but it can be part time and with less responsibility.  It can also provide some extra cash, if you need it!

I found a job 2 months after moving to T, almost by accident!  I was looking at jobs for a well known store and seeing one available in T I started filling in the on-line application.  After a day or two a message came up that I would have to complete it within 2 days or start again, so I completed, checked and sent off the application, not expecting anything to come of it.  However, I got an email inviting me for an interview, which I went to and was offered a job.  The two day induction was the following week and I started work the week after that.  It all happened in less than three weeks so I didn’t have time to think about it!  I was quite flattered to be offered a job, actually.

When I started, I was working in the food hall and was almost entirely on the check-outs, as I was working mostly in the afternoons.  I quite enjoyed it, as one got to see the same people on a regular basis and enjoyed a little chat as I was scanning the food etc.  It kept me occupied as I settled back into T and I saw lots of people I knew (or who knew me!) as they passed through the check-out.

The job was a ten week contract, over the summer (student’s holiday job?) and I could probably have renewed it, but decided not to. Why?  I was working about 18 hours a week and that was more than I really wanted – I didn’t have time to do other things.  I had to work every alternate Sunday which I hated, as I wanted to be at church.  I was supposed to encourage people to get the store’s credit card, which I strongly disapproved of.  When I asked one of the managers about what happened after the ten weeks he said that one of them would talk to me.  They didn’t.  If I could have reduced to about 10 hours, with no Sundays, I might have stayed, but I decided to go.  It then took about 2 months to sort out that I didn’t owe them money, but they owed me some – holiday pay!

Would I recommend it?  Possibly!  A friend has a job 2 afternoons a week and she says it is really important to her, providing something to do and contact with people.  It does seem that those who go part time or take part time jobs find the transition to retirement easier.  It is probably best to think out how much time you want to do, though!

Possibly recommended, if you think it out and find something right for you!

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