Doing up the house

Having moved into the house it was fine to live in for a while, but the bright yellow hall and staircase and the hideous green or pink carpets everywhere needed removing.  Also everywhere needed painting and a new kitchen and bathroom looked like a good idea.

By the time I had finished my job, I had been given suggestions for good workmen, so started with a painter who did a really good job of painting over the hideous bright yellow and filling in all the holes where the stair lift had been removed.  Then it was only a case of locating new light shades.

I decided I needed better double glazing – so that was the next thing that got done.  It took longer than it should have as one of the men supposed to be doing it had to look after his child while he had a sick wife!

The next job was the two main rooms, which are linked with an archway.  I first got a cupboard built in the alcove under the stairs.  The man who did this was busy (as are all good workmen) so I had to wait for that.  Then my painter was busy (also good, so in demand!) so I had to wait for him.  Another excellent job done – filling in holes and covering over marks where sleeving was removed and then painting.  Locating and having a new carpet put down was easy, but not cheap and the same went for new curtains.  Pity my furniture now looks so shabby!

“My” painter also did the outside – becoming necessary to avoid deterioration.  It looked better, too!

During the waiting I got round to getting the local kitchen and bathroom firm to design and get fitted a new bathroom – but again had to wait for the men to actually do the work.  And there was the day with no loo…..  Expensive, but I quite like the result!

I also decorated the second bedroom myself!  Then got a new carpet, hung curtains brought from the last house, found light shades and put together an Argos wardrobe – with a little help from some friends!

I then needed a rest from men, but recently I have decorated the third bedroom – “study” – and got new curtains and carpet there, too.  Only the main bedroom and kitchen to go – after 2 years!

Would I recommend it?

Well, my house looks a lot better!  If you are retired you are likely to have a lot more time looking at yours, so it depends on how shabby your house looks, how bored you are with the décor, whether you dislike the colours you have – and whether you have money to spare to do it!  Then you have to decide whether to do it yourself or find the right person to do it for you…….

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