Get Your Holiday Cancelled

Two weeks before I was due to go, I had a letter from HF Holidays saying that my “Anyone Can Sing” holiday was cancelled, as not enough people believed it!  Well, they actually said that some people had cancelled and so only 4 people were booked and that number was not viable for the holiday.  That seemed quite a good idea – I would have hated to be one of only four trying to sing!

After three or four goes I got through to the number they gave me and managed to re-book the holiday as a walking holiday at the same place and same time.  In addition I would get £50 for rearranging the holiday for another 3 night one – it would have been £100 if I had made it seven days.  I also got £24 as a walking holiday was cheaper than the singing one and £15 compensation!

I could have taken the money, but decided to book another 3 night holiday instead.  That meant that I had to pay them, but then I get an extra time away in September.  The charity shop and community centre café managers might not be pleased but I am sure they will cope!  I have no illusions that I am indispensable.

So is having my holiday cancelled a good thing?  Difficult to tell yet until I have had my two holidays!  It might depend on the weather.

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