Look at the blood super-moon!

I think that was how I heard it described.  Basically it was an eclipse of the moon, when the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun.  Light is refracted round the Earth and the Moon appears red.  The “super” bit is because it occurred at a time when the Moon was closest to the Earth in its orbit, so appeared at its biggest.

This happened on the early morning, between 3 and 4 a.m., on Monday 28th September, 2015.  I had heard about it on Radio 4 (where else!) and thought “That is interesting”, but had no intention of setting an alarm to see it.  However, I found I was awake at around 3.30 on the morning in question and noting the time thought “Let’s see if it is there”.  So I put on my glasses (always helps) and went to look out of my bedroom window – and there it was!

This is roughly what I saw
This is roughly what I saw

I didn’t spend ages waiting to see if it would all go red, just had a good look and then back to bed and to sleep.

So was it worth looking at?  Well yes; it was interesting and I haven’t seen a “blood moon” before and the sky was clear so it was a good night for it.  Not sure it would have been worth setting an alarm for, but as I had woken up anyway…..

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