Leaf Collecting

This is one of my least favourite jobs in the garden.  I quite enjoy weeding and cutting the lawns (when I get into it) but collecting leaves is just a chore.  And there are thousands of leaves fall onto my garden from the trees behind it.

A few of the thousands of leaves
A few of the thousands of leaves after collecting one bin load

So I fill the “green bin” with leaves and push them down and get more in, leave it a few days to settle so it is…..

......nearly full....
……nearly full….

……refill it with some more leaves and wait for the two weekly collection and repeat he process.  I mostly use a rake and my wonderful……..

......leaf collectors....
……leaf collectors….

….but a brush is needed for the paths.  I do have a leaf blower/sucker but that isn’t really needed until there are just a few left and I am nowhere near that yet.  Even then there are…..

......more leaves.....
……more leaves…..

…waiting to be collected.  I have had the bin emptied 3 times and there are still more leaves and as most of them are beech leaves which are very slow to break down I will need to remove them from the boarders as well as the lawn according to “Gardeners’ Question Time” on Radio 4 – but where is the time and energy to come from?  They are ruining my lawn and smothering my bulbs and I have already got one large garden bag full of leaves in addition to the bin.  I despair….

So what can I do?  Keep collecting, I suppose, as the trees are not even in my garden.

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