Family lunch

As my nephew and his family were over from Spain for a fairly short time, it was decided to have a family lunch so everyone could meet up and see them.

Well, that is 3 of the 4......where is the other one?
Well, that is 3 of the 4……where is the other one?

A venue was decided on which was not too far to go for anyone – a problem when Cambridge and Bristol (with a bad traveller) were the furthest starting points.  Newbury, was the final decision – in fact it was Highclere  near  Newbury and my sister booked a table for a large number!

The weather was horrible – misty and raining – when I set off and didn’t improve on the way.  I managed to get there with only having to go all the way round one roundabout to find the right exit!  Mine was the third car to arrive, so those of us who were there went in and bought drinks and the others arrived soon after.  My brother only brought one daughter, the other being away at university and wife and son having too much work to do, but all my sister’s family were there.

We went to our table and when everyone had arrived were chatting and choosing from the menu.

Chatting and choosing.
Chatting and choosing.

Some of the younger members of the party were doing colouring as well.

Disturbing the colouring to choose what to eat.
Disturbing the colouring to choose what to eat.  (There is the 4th one – hiding behind the menu!)

Between courses there was some gap as it took a while to produce food for so many.

Talking was enough for adults.....
Talking was enough for adults…..
.....but some younger ones got bored!
…..but some younger ones got bored!

I left before the final course, so there was a different place to enjoy the colouring!

Niece and great-nieces colouring.
Niece and great-nieces colouring. (Giraffey looking on.)

I got fairly lost going home – heading back the way I had been going at one point, I think.  Andover has too many roundabouts!  Did still manage to get back before it got dark, though.

So was it worth it?  Yes – good to see the Spanish branch and catch up with others.

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