Drink coffee with friends

Meeting in a coffee shop for a drink and a chat is has become a major part of weekly retirement activity – perhaps too major?  I have two places that I often go so have loyalty cards for.

The first is the SP2 coffee shop & community centre, where I volunteer on a Thursday morning.  I have several friends who I meet there, usually on a Saturday morning, but it can be at other times too.  If I go in and am not specifically meeting anyone there is usually someone around whom I know and chat to.

SP2 loyalty card

SP2 loyalty card

The other regular haunt is the Cathedral Refectory – the plumbery, as it is where they used to do the lead working for the Cathedral roof.  There is one friend whom I meet there and we go so regularly that we are sometimes mistaken for Cathedral guides, who I think get reduced rates!  We haven’t taken advantage of this mistake, though.

Cathedral Refectory loyalty card

Cathedral Refectory loyalty card

There is a major problem to this – I have decided that I am not sure I really like coffee!  The instant stuff is fine but the real stuff is a bit strong and bitter and the milk is a bit filling.  In the Cathedral I have started ordering “one shot, skinny” which is usually OK but is still too strong sometimes.  In SP2 I have been having a can of Elderflower Pressé when the weather is warm – but that doesn’t count on the loyalty card which only applies to hot drinks.  Otherwise I can have a pot of peppermint tea or sometimes a regular latte or cappuccino if I need waking up and it is not near lunch time.  When I work there I get a free drink anyway.  I used to have a mocha, but I have gone off that at the moment, too.

SP2 is closed on Saturdays over the summer – so where are we going to meet?  And the other friend whom I see at the Cathedral, has a sick husband, so is having problems leaving the house for long enough to go into town for coffee!  Fortunately I have plenty of other things to do……

So?  I don’t have to worry about what I want to drink until September!

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