Take things to the charity shop

As I no longer work at the charity shop I have been building up a pile of things as I don’t take them when I am going anyway.P1010753

The white bag contains “clothes rag” i.e. clothes that have got beyond the stage of even wearing them round the house!

Mostly books....

Mostly books….

The items are mostly books and jigsaws – some of which I got from the shop in the first place!  There are a few gifts which I know I will never use and the pot was given to me with the instruction to take it to the charity shop if it was no use to me (it wasn’t!).P1010754

I have replaced the suitcase with a new one with wheels and the bag had gone into holes – a pity, it was very useful.  I used  those to take the things down to the shop – although I have only done one load so far…..

Will the things be useful?  Well, I hope they can sell some of them and they were always wanting books when I worked there.

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