We meet again……


.......Chateau Impney, Droitwich.
…….Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa.

Although we know our place and stayed in the apartments in……..

.....the stable block.
…..the stable block.

Initially everyone congregated in our apartment as we were there before Simon (this year’s organiser) and we had milk for cups of tea/coffee.  Also we were downstairs so easier to access and had no low beams to knock heads on.

(Apologies to everyone, but most photos of people have at least one person – and often more – blurred.  Mind you that might be preferable at our age!  People will move and talk….)

Sharing my apartment...
Sharing my apartment…..
......also sharing.
……also sharing.
Drinks and nibbles in the living room.....
Drinks and nibbles in the living room…..
....and in the kitchen.
….and in the kitchen.
Probably discussing football.....
Probably discussing football…..

We had dinner in the hotel bar.

Next day, most of us went to Droitwich in the morning.  Some people did the official tour and others followed the “Town trail” – after we worked out that the map went one way and the route described on a (separate) leaflet went the opposite way!  Quite an interesting town – they have natural salt springs and so had a salt industry from Roman times and still have salt baths – more salty than the Dead Sea, apparently – for “arthritis and nervous complaints”.

Mural showing the main features of Droitwich Spa.
Mural showing the main features of Droitwich Spa.

Those of us who did our own tour had coffee and biscuits in a church hall – a very nice one, with very pleasant people.  Thanks very much, Ken.

After the tour we split up, although many of us made our way to Hanbury Hall, where some looked at the house and some the gardens and some both!  Most then met up in the tea-room gardens, where it was pleasant to sit as the weather was warm.

Hanbury Hall
Hanbury Hall

In the evening we had our own separate room for dinner, which we had ordered before hand.


The meal was excellent and not too heavy, which was good when there are 3 courses.

The dinning room
The dinning room

They also arranged for us to have breakfast in the same room the next day, which was a very nice way to say farewell.

Many thanks to Simon for making the arrangements.  It was a very pleasant weekend, although we missed Susan, Hugh, Glynis and Malcolm – but hope to see you all next year.

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