Cat transport

I seem to have been providing transport for cats several times recently – and cats don’t like going in their baskets and more especially in cars (see, for example, “Mog and the V.E.T.” by Judith Kerr).

Izzy – black and white, elderly – was the first one.  She had to go to the vet for her annual M.O.T. – or whatever it is that cats have.  Her owner has no car so…..  As she is getting old, it was not that difficult to catch her and put her in the basket but on the way to the vet she disgraced herself and had to be cleaned up before the vet saw her!  I have an old dust sheet that lives in the car which always goes underneath cat baskets and the like.  It wasn’t actually needed – I think she just got the mess on herself.  Fortunately, on the way back she behaved – apart from the miaows.

The next trip was not actually with a cat – it was to take the potential new owner to see a litter of kittens.  (Are they called litters for kittens?)  We were told they were 3 females and the breeder was not sure which was going to be my friend’s cat.  They are sorrel Abyssinians – if sorrel is the correct name for a sort of orangey colour.  At that stage they were too young to leave their mother.  A few weeks later, my friend was told that one was actually male and as she had wanted a male that was hers.

So, a few weeks later we went to pick up Flamstone Sorrel Splendour – his registered name!  But he is Rufus for everyday use.

Flamstone Sorrel Splendour
Flamstone Sorrel Splendour

He was put in the basket, which he was not sure about when the door was shut and it was picked up.  Then into the car and we started off.  You never heard such loud miaows from so small a cat!  And he kept it up all the way to his new home!  Not at all happy.

I left the new owner to take him in and release him – and he does seem to have settled down.

Rufus has settled down
Rufus has settled down

He has had quite a lot of visitors and (apparently) likes to play.

So?  I prefer dogs to cats.


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