Collect a treadmill

I was about to go out one morning and my nephew phoned – very unusual.   Would I pick up a treadmill for him?  (I assume it was something from e-bay or something.)  Sounded simple enough (and maybe I wasn’t really thinking clearly) so I said yes.

Then I started to get the texts…..  The house I had to find was not on Google maps…..  I needed to take £20 cash to pay for it – meaning I had to take a special trip to a cash machine…..  I needed to collect it between 5.30 and 6.30 – the time I am usually making my evening meal and it would be dark – I don’t drive in the dark….   The machine weighed 20kg and I would have to get it in and out of the car myself…..  I didn’t have to see it working but would I check that it looked new….

I was then given (some) instructions as to how to find the house which was more positive.

At about 5.30 I put down the back seat of the car and removed stuff from the boot, not believing that it would fit on the back seat.  I did find the house – only taking one wrong turn, which was not too bad considering it was dark.  I didn’t crash the car or hit anything – as far as I know.  The owner was expecting me and opened the door as I got out of the car.

I looked at the treadmill.  I suppose it looked new – how would I know?  I payed the money and was also given the instruction booklet, a knob needed when it is unfolded, an alum key and some oil.

Top. with data counter
Top? with data counter

Fortunately the husband helped me get it into the car, but as it was dark when I got home I left it there all night as I couldn’t see what I was doing.

Next day, with quite a struggle, I managed to get it out of the car – we had wedged it in quite firmly and it kept slipping back.  As it has wheels I then managed to get it into the house.

Side view showing wheels
Side view showing wheels

I even got it up the stairs, going one step at a time.  There was a problem getting it round the corner at the top, but I did manage it with a struggle and got it into the spare room.

Rest of the top when unfolded
Rest of the top(?) when unfolded – I think

The trouble is, it is front of the wardrobe I need to get into sometimes – notably to get out the Christmas tree and decorations.  But it is there, waiting for collection….  I wonder how much I should charge for storage?

So?   Never say yes to a nephew if he asks me to do something until I know all the details and even then probably say no!

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