Week 8 – Less Lockdown?

Having been totally unclear on Sunday evening about how the lockdown was being relaxed, ministers spent the next few days trying to explain what we can and shouldn’t do. I can apparently take 2 lots of outside exercise (or is it unlimited outdoor exercise?) and the garden centres can open. I will have to check our local ones….

I have a new favourite walk.

View on walk

This one is beside the river – but the Nadder not the Avon. Good views of the cathedral. I have been and not actually met anyone – not always, but it is not very frequented. There is also a choice of path so one can go up through woods.

Through the woods

Or continue along beside the river.


It is very peaceful and with the birdsong and in part the sound of the weir it is lovely. There are loads of birds, mostly heard and not seen but their are several pairs of geese and one day I saw one pair with about 5 very young goslings.

One of the geese

Much of the week has been spent finishing my course on “Working Lives in the Factories and Mills” and starting my new one: “Introduction to Recreational Math” – yes, math not maths! It isn’t from an American University but an Israeli one and is the same person who did my fun course on flexagons a couple of years ago. It is quite challenging and I am actually having to think! Some of the problems and puzzles have to be taken away and worked on and I have had to go to the comments section for hints – or be told – how to get the answer. There are, as usual, some annoying people who give an answer when we are specifically asked not to – sigh…….

The courses and phone calls and going out for walks twice a day means that there is not that much time for much else. I did make some banana bead which tastes much nicer than it looks – well, I like it!

Banana bread

And other people? Well two couples I know have taken their cars to the New Forest and been for walks there, as this is now allowed. They did go during the week though and not at the weekend. I have discovered that there is going to be a new problem – people who have been “shielded” and not gone out at all, are starting to say that they are now too scared to go anywhere – even when they are allowed to. Also other people who have not been out much are very nervous about doing so.

And so we will move on to week 9……

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