Week 9…..

We are on to the ninth week since the lockdown started. There are certainly more cars on the roads and it is no longer safe to happily step onto the road to keep a distance from other people on the pavement.

Until Friday, this week was much like any of the previous 8 weeks and I didn’t think I would have anything to write. But on Friday I went to the garden centre – a big treat! I got a gift card as a belated birthday present, a birthday card that I needed, a bag of compost (50L as they didn’t have any of the 20L I wanted) and some plants! Actually most of the plants were for a friend as an early birthday present. The selection of bedding plants was quite poor but I found enough for her pots but was a bit limited for myself. In the end I went for some alyssum.


In the afternoon I also went to the local countryside store to get some more netting for my veg patch as I had forgotten to look for it in the morning. With a struggle I put it up later – not sure it is very good but if it puts the squirrels off then it works.

A friend was also passing that day and rang the bell so we had a good chat – with her on the path and me on the doorstep.

Saturday was even more “exciting”. First I finished the novel part of the book I have been reading for the last 4 weeks – “Tombland” by C. J. Sansom. It is a Shardlake detective novel set in Tudor times – the reign of Edward VI. They are always very scary as one knows bad things will happen. Really glad I didn’t live in those days! I am now reading the historical information at the end, to see what the novel is based on.

The book!

Even more exciting, in the afternoon I was invited to join a friend in the field behind her house! Naturally it was the only day for ages that it has rained and was cold but I went anyway as she is back working for the next couple of weeks (a nurse). In fact it was dry although not that warm and we sat in her garden in the end – a fence not seeming to matter that much and it was less far for her to carry the chairs! Compared with what that Cummings bloke did I cannot feel guilty. We had a lovely chat. It was also really nice to drive out of the city, even if it was only about 5 or 6 miles.

Then on Sunday I planted out the alyssum.

Some of the alyssum in boarder

I also planted the 6 bean plants I had in pots, added more soil to my potato and sowed more radish seeds. In addition I made some flapjacks, but with pale brown sugar I have had sitting on the shelf for ages, instead of the usual granulated white sugar.


And so we will move on to the 10th week…..

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