Week 10….

Harvey – outside where he IS allowed

Week 10 starts with another sunny day and when I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth who should I find on the landing but Harvey – the cat from next door! After having a good look in all the rooms, and when I threatened to pick him up, he was persuaded to leave. It seems I had left the back door open and as I wasn’t there to discourage him, as I usually am, he came to investigate.

Later on Monday I went to sit in the garden of a friend (took my own tea) and admired how she had arranged the flowers I had bought her last week as an early birthday present.

Some of the pots with plants

When I went home I picked my first radishes (this year) from the garden.

First radishes
Radishes, salad leaves and chives grown by me!

With them in a salad I had some of the salad leaves from the windowsill and some chives from the garden. Most of the latter went in a potato salad.

Later in the week it was another friend’s birthday so we met for a chat (and for me to hand over the card) in the cemetery. It is fairly close to both of us, quiet and has plenty of trees for shade even if it might seem an odd place to meet up on a birthday. She was not happy – her daughter had sent a video of the grandchildren and “her” birthday cake with candles. They all sang – but she got no chocolate fudge cake…..

New shopping trolley

The shopping trolley I had ordered arrived on Wednesday so I was able to use it for the shopping on Thursday.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday I really concentrated on the jigsaw and managed to finish the sky so I could go onto the more interesting parts. I also finished “Introduction to Recreational Math” on Friday. The last week was on games – Nim, Tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses to me!) with its variations and The Game of Life: not really “grabbed” by them. The Game of Life was the best. It was quite interesting to see how it worked and was set up but there was no way I was going to spend the hours that would be needed to “play” it, but watching the simulation was quite interesting for a short time. The second week with puzzles, including things like Latin Squares and Cryptarithms which I had not met before, was the most interesting to me.

My Saturday walk was lovely, too. Shoals of little fish in the river, a robin collecting twigs (for a nest?) and two birds walking up the wall of a building (treecreeper? nuthatch? couldn’t see them well enough to tell and didn’t know what to look for anyway) as well as the sunshine and the flowers and other bird song.

On Sunday I even managed to get most of the Sunday service from church – and I had listened to the previous 2 weeks on the Saturday, so I am up to date!

So quite a good week. Next week the “lockdown” is being relaxed even more, but it won’t make any difference as still no church, gym, cafĂ© to work in, library, hairdresser…. So we go on…

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