Eleventh week from start of lockdown.

Not done much this week (do we ever at the moment?) but have concentrated on the jigsaw of Red Square in Moscow – and got it finished on Friday morning. I still had problems with the last 9 pieces, but solved that by moving 2 neighbouring pieces which had been wrong.

Completed Red Square Jigsaw
Renovated ferret house

Also on Friday I went to visit the friend who has been working on her ferret house. She needs to keep busy, so I was taking her a couple of 1000 piece jigsaws as she does like doing them. While there I admired the ferret house – she has done an amazing work of renovation – and her garden which is quite unusual but really good.

Naughty Pip

I also met some ferrets! Not sure I have ever met a ferret before. So there was naughty Pip, who is the failed escape artist and has taken to nipping her owner’s legs when she is wearing her shorts; Rhubarb, who was very lively and showed me how she could run through all the pipes; and Mr Bentley, who was asleep when he was pulled out so was a bit dopey but did wake up a bit. He is apparently Mr Bentley as he has a bent nose! There are some more, but I think they were mostly sleeping.

Sleepy Mr Bentley

Visiting people, even if it is only in their gardens, does make a nice change. It is a pity that the weather is now cold and damp so sitting in gardens is not that much fun.

What else this week? Well on Tuesday I washed my winter coats as it was likely to be the best drying day for a while and on Thursday I went to the bank for the first time since lockdown started. I had looked at the queue before and it was long and slow and when I got in the queue the lady behind said she had waited over an hour the last time. However, after letting two people in – still 4 or 5 in front of me – the lady in charge went along the queue asking what we wanted – and I was sent in!! It seems other people needed a different section so I didn’t have too long a wait to transfer the money to my nephew’s account for his birthday. I was very happy!!

What have other people been up to? The only things of note were the couple who went to visit their daughter and grandchildren for the day and the two couples who virtually “visited” different churches on Pentecost Sunday. One couple “went to” Holy Trinity, Brompton and the other couple “went to” Hereford Cathedral and also a church in Gorton (Manchester). Makes a change.

I wonder if I can think of anything different for next week….

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