Weeks 12 & 13 from Lockdown

Things continue much as before – not doing very much different….

First beans this year

I did get my first beans from the garden and some more radishes, including my first yellow one. That came from a packet with mixed types but I can’t tell what I am getting as I thin them out so I am not sure how many yellow ones I will get. The one I have had did taste good – nice and hot!

More radishes including the yellow one

My neighbour brought me some sweetpeas from her allotment as one has to keep picking them. They always smell lovely.


I also saw a willow warbler on one of my walks. I would not have seen it or known what it it was if I had not spoken to a man who was taking photographs. I asked him what he was taking photos of and he said sedge warblers and that there were reed warblers back the way I had come and a willow warbler in a hawthorn tree ahead. He described the sound of the willow warbler and when I got to the hawthorn tree I heard the sound he had described and after looking a bit I could see it at the top of the tree. Tiny birds to do the amazing migration each year.

Having had 2 holidays cancelled I did manage to use the credit notes to book 2 holidays (making up one week) in September 2021! Long time to wait…..

Another finished book

Apart from that I met my friend in the cemetery again – we have decided we must do better and meet in the garden of one of us next time. Have done more reading than usual and finished “The Glass Palace” by Amitav Ghosh. It was a bit of a struggle in the middle but the first part and the end were quite good. Also making VERY slow progress with the sky on the next jigsaw – the Houses of Parliament, London. I am taking out more pieces than I am putting in.

Hoping to do some different things soon…..

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