The End of the Beginning?

So we are now allowed to visit other people, even inside, while trying to keep a “social distance” and also visit hairdressers, cafes and pubs.

What a good thing I have finished my jigsaw (except the missing piece).

Houses of Parliament Jigsaw

And also my book.

My diary, instead of being blank pages is starting to have things in – mostly visiting other people in their homes or them visiting me. Still no church, gym or library. I gather that the first possible date for the library opening is 10th August and even then we probably won’t be able to browse books, just order what we want to pick up – which is not that much help. How do I know what I might want to read unless I have looked inside it?

I did wander through town on Saturday and it was quite busy. More shops are open and so were some cafes – including one that I noticed had been open on Thursday! Some pubs were open too but I didn’t go to the market square to see how the market and pubs and cafes round it were doing – another day, maybe?

So maybe we are getting back to what the media seem to be describing as “the new normal”? For how long? And will we actually get used to it? Have to wait and see….

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