I have two nephews.

This is what one has achieved during lockdown.

Nephew 1

The other one tells me he shaved his head 2 months ago (hair has grown again since) and has been working for his finals and achieved a first class honours degree from Oxford University!


Both nephews thought I should add to this…

Nephew 1 said: “You didn’t mention that I also managed to spend a month in bed. Quite an achievement.” (I believe that this was a bacterial infection, not COVID-19, but he hasn’t confirmed this!) He also said: “And I lost more than 15kg in weight. I bet a lot of people would have loved to have managed that during lock down.” (As he is a thin beanpole, this is probably NOT a good thing – there can’t be that much of him left!)

Nephew 2 sent a picture of himself with a shaved head.

Nephew 2

So I have one nephew looking like a bandit and the other like a criminal! (In normal life they are both fairly respectable looking.)

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