Face-masks, blackberries and Church

As face masks have become mandatory in shops I knew that the ones I had bought would not last long, (I will save them for hairdressers, doctors etc) so it was a choice of buying some washable ones or making some. I decided on the latter – then if they didn’t work I could buy some. I have quite a lot of material in a drawer, some left from clothes I made – 30 to 40 years ago – and some from my mother which must 50 to 80 years old! I found 2 different patterns, so have tried both and will see which is most comfortable….(none?) I might need about six masks if I only wash them once a week in the machine and so I also made a bag to keep clean ones in.

Five face-masks made so far on the black bag to hold clean ones

I had noticed on my walks that blackberries were ripening (it seems early to me?) so on Friday I went out and collected some. I then ate a big bowl of them with ice-cream with my evening meal. Yum!!


The church was open for a service the first time on Sunday – but not quite as we have known it. First I had to book a seat, giving my details in case I have to be contacted for “track and trace”. As the numbers are restricted, booking is necessary. The booking opened on Monday morning and when I went to book my seat on Monday afternoon there were only about 6 seats left for singles. I think there were quite a few for groups (families?) of 4 and I am not sure about couples. In fact when I got there a few seats were empty – notably the front row! We had to wear a face mask (mine rubbed my ear after about 3/4 of an hour), our temperature was taken as we went in and we had to use the hand sanitiser. All the seats were numbered so we had to locate our seat.

Although we had the band, the singer(s) were behind a screen and the congregation was not allowed to sing. With people spread out (2m apart), so less distraction and not singing, it was easier to concentrate on the words, which was good. It felt a bit strange to be so far apart, but it was a good experience.

Afterwards we all stood around outside and caught up with each other – socially distanced, of course. It was lovely to see people I haven’t seen for months.

So? Would I go to church again and would I pick and eat more blackberries and are the face masks OK? Yes to the first two and probably to the last!

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