Haircut, gym and library

Really exciting – all the things I have missed most and been waiting for, happen in one week!

Haircut first. Ring bell (not just walk in); wear face mask; wash hands on entering; wear plastic apron not usual gown – but then much as normal – but all hairdressers and assistants were wearing face shields. Had to confess to cutting it myself as she would have noticed anyway. She still said a couple of times “there is hair missing” – must have been the bits where the scissors slipped a bit! It is such a relief to have it done – much less thick, so much easier to wash and quicker to dry. Unusually I made another appointment, as those who had appointments got quicker new ones when lock-down finished and who knows if it will happen again?

Small shoulder bag

Then it was the gym. Made a booking, but we were supposed to go changed and not use the lockers so I could see I would have a problem with what to do with car and door keys, phone, leisure card and possibly a face-mask. They were optional but if everyone else was wearing one then I would too. My gym kit has no pockets so I decided I would have to make a small shoulder bag to put them in and spent Sunday afternoon doing that.

I couldn’t work out how to make the loop to go round the button to close it so in the end crocheted it, but only had yellow thread.

Bag with new brown loop
Bag with yellow crochet loop for button hole

I spoke to my really practical friend Ann (who made the ferret house) and she suggested two ways, so I changed it for the second visit.

How was the trip to the gym? Well only 5 people were booked in for my first session and 3 for the second so it wasn’t exactly busy! The bikes had been moved to a different area and everything spaced out. We were met on the door and shown where everything was but it was much as normal – except that we have to wipe down machines after we have used them – but I usually did that anyway. I am so unfit that I couldn’t do much and my pulse rate went up much too fast! Also my arms (which have done even less than the rest of me) did ache for several days afterwards. We are only allowed 3/4 hour which normally would not be enough, but might well be OK at the moment….

Then 2 days later to the library. It is only open 3 days a week and for limited hours and I went on the second day it was open. We had to give names and contact details for “Track and Trace” on the way in, collect a bookmark which indicates how many people are in the library, use the hand sanitiser and follow the one-way system. Face-masks were optional but will be compulsory from Saturday. I found 4 books and took them to the automated check-out – which refused to let me take them out! It turned out that my library card was out of date, so I had to go to the desk and the nice man sorted it. So back to the check-out and it still wouldn’t let me take out one of the books as it was “in demand”. I went back to the desk but wasn’t prepared to wait in the queue that had developed so just left the book and said why. But I have got 3 books to read!

Three books to read

Not exactly hard reading but I am not feeling like more difficult reading at the moment.

So? It is great to do some normal things!

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