Lockdown 2, week 2

Quite wet….

First walk this week it was pouring with rain and quite windy so we kept to pavements and went to Elizabeth Gardens, then on into town to make a few purchases before walking along the river a bit and home.

For the walk with the second person it started dry so I was not wearing waterproof trousers – but of course we then had a fairly heavy, fairly long shower….. We walked across Broken Bridges to Harnham, across the town path (quite busy) and then back along Churchfields Road. The rivers are quite full.

Swede, butternut squash and chickpea tagine with rice

The friend I challenged to make a new dish each week made a swede, butternut squash and chickpea tagine serve with rice. She said it was very nice and would do it again.

Having challenged my friend, I thought I had better try a new recipe too. I found “Spaghetti all’Amatriciana” in my pasta recipe book and I had all the ingredients so tried that – I only ever approximately follow a recipe! It should be served in a pasta dish but I don’t have one, so it was on a plate as usual. It was OK, but maybe a bit less onion and a bit more garlic and tomato next time?

Spaghetti all’Amatriciana
Two books finished!

This week I have been finishing some things: some filing (been building up) and two books I started awhile ago. The first was Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads”, that a friend lent me. I found most of the monologues a bit depressing, but well written and the characterisation was good. The other book was one that we are reading and studying in housegroup (cell group?) – “Catching contentment” by Liz Carter. Quite good – made me think a bit. Also finished the library book I had started last week and another one as well.

In my on-line course I have walked on the Capitoline Hill and been round the temples but I couldn’t get from one hill top to the other and had to re-set to go to the Arx. Also failed to find my way round the tenements which are on the slopes of the hill. I will go back and have another go at some stage…. The other walk was in the Pantheon, which is really quite impressive. It was good to walk up the steps and in through the door this time – when I did the course before I had to land on the roof and “fall” through the oculus to see the inside!

And so on to week 3…..

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