Lockdown 3 – Week 11

This week I have:

been to the supermarket , twice;

Unloading the shopping trolley

completed the census;

Census information leaflet

made progress with the jigsaw;

Progress with jigsaw

made phone calls, written texts and done housegroup by phone;


read my book – a birthday present from a friend;

Present book I am reading

done some more puzzles;

Books of puzzles I am using at the moment

been for walks – 2 with the usual friend, some by myself and ….

Golf course where I walked by myself one day
Farthest point of the walk

…exciting event of the week – one with another friend walking from Barford St Martin. There was a farmer doing some work in the fields and when he had stopped to fill a hopper on his machine I asked if it was seed or fertiliser and he said he was planting barley – for my Guinness or larger!!

Walking back

So? Must think of some more interesting/challenging things to do next week!

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