Lockdown 3 – Week 12

Have I found some more interesting or challenging things to do? Well….

I asked for two books from the library – biography this time. It is always interesting to see what they select for me and these look quite interesting and are about “ordinary” people, not celebrities, as I asked.

New books from the library

Then I started a new Future Learn course. This one is “Invisible Worlds: Understanding the Natural Environment” and is run by Exeter University and The Eden project. I chose it because it links with the David Attenborough book I have just finished. The first week is about how our atmosphere was formed – oxygen instead of methane etc – and development of life from the Earth’s formation. Seems quite interesting, so far!

I phoned some people I don’t often speak to, so the conversations were different and so more interesting.

In addition: I finished the jigsaw….

Finished jigsaw

….and have done some gardening i.e. cut the front lawn (not the edges though) and done some weeding. That is in addition to the usual walks, shopping etc.

So? Next week is not quite lockdown so we can meet in gardens and my diary is quite full – compared with how it has been recently!

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