Steps out of lockdown – 2

Booked a seat and went to church.

Booked the gym and went there – hard work, couldn’t do much…..

Kit ready to go to the gym

Went to the library and chose a book myself!

Book chosen

Went shopping. I could have got most of the things which I bought earlier, I think, and the clothes shop and Lakeland which I went into didn’t have anything I wanted. Disappointing!

Some of the things I bought

Had my hair cut – at last!! A new hairdresser (the other one has had twin boys) who seems to have done OK – time will tell.

And did all the normal shopping, walks with a friend, phone calls…. One walk I did by myself I saw a couple of peacock butterflies, which was lovely.

So? Got several meetings in my garden planned, so I hope the weather stays fine and warmish.

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