Steps out of lockdown – 3

It seems I can now go to visit people in their houses and give hugs – but I haven’t done either, yet. Also allowed to meet 30 people outside – not done that either.

The Coffee Shop has opened again – though for limited hours – and I am volunteering there on a Wednesday.

The counter at the coffee shop

I have to take a lateral flow test on the day or day before I go in. It was a bit of a hassle collecting the tests as they could only be picked up after 2.30 from the place I went. Not knowing that, I had to do 2 trips to get them but they gave me 2 boxes with 14 tests….

Box with 7 tests in it

I did a test the day before my first shift, as it takes a while and I am not very good in mornings. It came back negative but I am not totally convinced that I wiped the swab against my tonsils or far enough up my nostril! Why do I have to do both when my nurse friend only has to do one nostril?

The coffee shop wasn’t busy but we did have people in all the time we were open i.e. 10.30 to 2.30.

Tables ready to open

In addition I did some cleaning, just in case I got a visitor! And I finished another jigsaw.

Finished jigsaw

So? Another step towards “normality”?

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