In my garden some of the “wildlife” is very unwelcome. The slugs or snails have been eating my petunias and salvia.

Snail(?) eaten salvia – but it does seem to be trying to grow more leaves
Slug(?) eaten petunia – I have 3 in this state or worse!

Then the squirrels have been eating the flower buds of a rose and the clematis. I have yet to have any flowers that have managed to come out on either.

Where the flower buds were on the rose
Where the flower buds were on the clematis

On the other hand, now that my new bird bath has got disgustingly dirty the blackbirds have been using it regularly – until they got too busy collecting food. I hope they have babies somewhere and the squirrels don’t find them.

Bird bath now it is dirty

Then the other day I saw a robin, which has been using the bird bath to perch on quite frequently, actually have a bath. I think with the blackbirds having been very splashy and the sun evaporating some water it is now shallow enough for them to use. The/a robin also seems to have been very busy collecting food. Baby robins would be a big treat.

Also when we went for a walk down to the Nadder we saw that one pair of geese has produced some goslings, which was also lovely to see – not that I am especially fond of geese, but goslings are sweet.

Three goslings on the river

So? I like some wildlife better than others!

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