Sometimes life is mostly routine….

And that is how mine was during October and November. That means shopping, cooking, eating, washing up and repeat….with visits to the gym; Wednesday mornings working in the church coffee shop; visits to the library for books to read and reading them; picking up leaves from the garden: church on Sundays and even some cleaning.

There were a few extra activities.

A friend and I went and had a pub lunch out as we hadn’t had time for a proper chat for a while – she was busy!

The packs of cards for the games

My niece and family went to Stonehenge at half term and came on to have lunch with me. After lunch we played Happy Families – set of cards from my grandparents – and started Contraband – game from when I was younger. They had to go home before it got too dark so we didn’t find out how to win!

Two weeks later I saw my niece and great-nephew again as he had a football match in a village nearby so I booked a table for 3 at a restaurant. Just before we were due to have lunch my niece phoned to say her husband had a positive lateral flow test and did I still want to meet? I decided that I did; we had a good lunch and they went home – but later my great-nephew also had a positive lateral flow! While his dad got a positive PCR result he didn’t and neither did the rest of the family. And I didn’t get COVID.

My booster jab was a week later.

I also went to a funeral of someone I knew from church – dementia, not COVID.

So? Sometimes life is just fairly unexciting……

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