Getting ahead of myself!

Most surprisingly, I seem to have got well ahead with Christmas preparations this year – I blame a couple of my friends. Before the end of November one said she was writing her Christmas cards and another said she had bought and wrapped all her presents! That made me think I was behind.

I therefore started with my cards and wrote all the local ones for the “Scouts’ post” before the end of November (just) and posted those on the 2nd of December. By the 4th I had written names and addresses on all my cards and started on the letters and notes that needed to go in some. I finished the last letter on the 13th. Meanwhile I had gradually been buying presents, some on-line and some to post. I posted the last 3 parcels on the 14th.

The post-box at the top of my road had acquired a “hat”.

Nativity scene
“Hat” on post-box

This turned out to be a nativity, when I looked more closely. A neighbour says there are others around but I haven’t seen any more – I will have to look.

I have also gradually bought and wrapped all my local presents and delivered my local cards, finishing on the 17th – unless I have forgotten any. I had a few local presents to deliver – but it was too early for that. Can’t believe that by the 17th it was all sorted – and some of my Christmas food was in the freezer as well!

I have been getting cards, of course and even a proper hand-written letter, as well as brief notes in some cards. I think this might be my best card.

Card from “Isla designs”!

So? Having got everything ready a week before Christmas day does give me some time to reflect on what Christmas is really about – that as a gift to us, our Creator God chose to live on earth, starting as a baby. Amazing; weird and puzzling – until one understands Easter, too.

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