More jigsaws!

For Christmas and my birthday I got 4 jigsaws.

Four new jigsaws

I had previously bought 2 from a charity shop – when there were lots after lockdowns ended – and at Christmas was halfway through one of those. After finishing it I decided I had better get some other jobs done and then started the 500 piece one. I discovered that it included a “box easel”.

Using the box easel
Box easel

It is a simple piece of card with a slit and it can be used to support the box so that the picture can be seen clearly when doing the jigsaw. Very clever and useful.

It helped me to get the first of the jigsaws finished.

Finished jigsaw

I then started on the Jane Austen one.

Start of Jane Austen jigsaw

That had a paper picture to work from, not a box lid, so the box easel wasn’t useful.

Paper picture

I have spent almost as much time reading the back of the paper and using it to discover where the characters were and work out which house was which, as I have spent doing the jigsaw.

Back of the picture with the characters

The houses are roughly geographically correct with respect to the other houses and allowing for the fact that they all have to be on a sheet of paper. The people are not necessarily near the appropriate houses, though.

So? Jigsaws can be addictive and I am really enjoying the Jane Austen one.

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