Seventy Years Ago

…..the queen came to the throne and…..

….. we were born!

So I invited lots of people from (almost) all parts of my life……

Lots of people

… a buffet lunch to celebrate (not on my birthday}.

Buffet lunch

There were family…..


….local friends…

Some local friends
My ex-pupil with me and her husband

…a pupil from when I first started teaching – who travelled down from Dundee!! She is retired, too, so I feel all of my 70 years.

There were also university friends and ex-colleagues ……

University friend plus wife and ex-colleague

…..friends from my time in Kenya….

Kenya friends (with family)

….people who I had known locally but had moved away, a school friend who lives locally and even people I hadn’t met before!

Kenya friend’s daughters and nephew’s girlfriend
Wife and daughter of Kenya friend

Then (most) people started to mix and chat, as I had hoped they would.

All local, including an ex-colleague
Friends from university and Kenya
School friend and local friends – knew each other from elsewhere
Family, local friend and friends who had moved away
More local friends

By five o’clock there were left friends who don’t meet up often and were catching up and family playing a game called “Dobble” – well the younger ones were playing.

Family playing a game and people catching up in the background

So? Well, I enjoyed myself and others have said they did too. It was lovely to see people I hadn’t seen for years and to catch up a bit – it just needed longer to catch up properly with everyone.

(Thank you to Brian, Esther, Fleur and Jude for some of the pictures)

4 Replies to “Seventy Years Ago”

  1. Thank you for a really enjoyable party. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting your family and friends. What a great bunch! Happy memories.

  2. Thanks so much for a lovely party, and it was great to see you again after Covid. You certainly looked as though you were thoroughly enjoying yourself!

  3. It was so lovely to meet again after 16 years and see that you haven’t changed a bit. Great to meet family and friends old and new too. Thank you so much for inviting us.

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