Monthly Archives: December, 2013

Sing in “Musical Musings for Christmas time” in aid of ‘Sing for Syria’

We have been learning/practising the songs for this since before half-term – so how come I still didn’t feel I knew them?  Talk about a slow learner…… I wasn’t looking forward to the concert at all and thought I would much rather have been at the meal for volunteers at the café.  I was  nervous and …

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Have a (too?) busy week

Why busy?  Well, mostly because I did about 7 ¾ extra hours for the Trussell Trust in one week.  Tesco had arranged a collection for the foodbanks for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and it was also the week that all the Christmas boxes had to be checked so they could go in the truck for Bulgaria …

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Go to an orchestral concert

My friend’s husband – well, I suppose he has become a friend too – plays in the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra and they were giving a concert, so I went along, partly to keep my friend company and partly because it is ages since I have been to a concert.  They were playing “Vocalise” by Rachmaninov, …

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