Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Take a holiday in the Cotswolds

Time for yet another holiday with hf holidays, but in the Cotswolds this time.  The hotel is based at Bourton-on-the-Water, which is quite an easy drive for me.  I even broke it up by stopping for lunch with my niece and family, so I did have a bit of time to play with my great-niece …

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Go to a funeral

This was, sadly, for a friend I have only recently got to know.  She came on the choir trip to Cornwall last summer and I got to know her there and at choir, where she had a good voice and helped to keep me singing roughly the right notes.  She also encouraged me to keep …

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Help at a wedding

The daughter of my housegroup leaders was getting married, so all the housegroup members got an invitation to the service.  Then some time later there was a phone call – would I be prepared to help serve, but mostly clear away, the cakes and drinks that were to be available after the service and before …

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