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Thank you presents

I must have complained too much about putting together the IKEA furniture because a few weeks later I was told there ware presents as a thank you for doing it. First I was given a special apron for doing the chest of drawers. And a few weeks later, a special T-shirt for helping with the …

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Do another jigsaw

This one was a bit of a challenge – it took several weeks. There were some days when I seemed to take out as many pieces as I put in. So?  Keep going until it is done!

An evening considering the environment

Our church put on an evening talk and discussion – “One Small Step” – considering what we could do to protect the environment. There was coffee and tea and biscuits on arrival, if one wanted them; chairs were set out and on each chair there was a card from Tear Fund and an envelope labelled …

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Put together (more) IKEA furniture

Not my furniture!  As I managed to put together a cabinet for a friend last year (or was it the year before?) she bought a chest of drawers using a voucher she had been given, I think, and sort of assumed I would be able to put that together too.  It was about a month …

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New Recipes

At the start of this year I had got very bored with the meals that I was cooking – it is so easy to get into a rut and do the same things all the time.  I therefore set myself a challenge of cooking a new dish every month in the hope that some of …

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Try some forensics!

One of my recent courses (Future Learn) was “An introduction to forensic science”.  This was quite interesting and there were some things that were totally new to me about DNA and what is stored on the police databases.  Not sure I totally understood it and fairly sure that I won’t remember it in detail, but interesting, …

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Lichfield Reunion

This year our reunion was held in Lichfield and we stayed at The George Hotel – an old coaching inn. After we arrived we mostly converged on the bar area for pots of tea or drinks.  Dinner was then a walk away at the 1709 the Brasserie, where we had 3 tables to ourselves in an …

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Go to a concert

Having seen him before, when he performed with his sons, I was keen to see Jonathan Veira again.  He used to be an opera singer but does various things now.  When I heard he was coming again I bought a ticket. I guess it isn’t the traditional “concert” but lots of songs and stories – …

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Go to a “felting” workshop

The church community worker had arranged a “felting workshop” on two consecutive Thursday afternoons during the summer when most church activities seem to stop.  I decided to go, because there were spaces and because the most recent on-line course I had done – “Strategies for successful ageing” – seemed to think that it was good …

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Help start a book group

A friend decided she wanted to start a book group so that she would read a greater variety of books.  As she is dyslexic and sometimes has problems concentrating on reading, I was not sure how this would work out, but said I would support her and come along.  The other friends who said yes …

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