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Family Meal

As my older sister was 70 she decided to have a family lunch to celebrate.  She chose a pub near Swindon which had a play area for children – Swindon being about the mid-point for everyone except my brother and his family.  It is also near where my niece lives. So who came?  Everyone!  My …

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Cat transport

I seem to have been providing transport for cats several times recently – and cats don’t like going in their baskets and more especially in cars (see, for example, “Mog and the V.E.T.” by Judith Kerr). Izzy – black and white, elderly – was the first one.  She had to go to the vet for …

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“Self-Guided Walking” holiday.

I put this on the end of my Industrial Heritage of Shropshire so as to make it a week away.  I wasn’t intending to do that much walking, but I did do more than several other people – who went out in their cars or stayed at the hotel, by the swimming pool! The first …

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Industrial Heritage Holiday III – Steam Trains

The third day of the holiday was spent on the Severn Valley Railway.  We had two extra people on this day – one who just loved steam trains and the other who had fallen when walking the previous day and hurt her knee and didn’t think that she would be able to do a walk, …

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Industrial Heritage Holiday II – Iron

The second day of the holiday was spent in Ironbridge.  We started with a quick visit to the museum of the Gorge, where there was an interesting model of how the gorge had been, with ironworks, mines, inclined planes, barges and roadways (with horses and carts – which in the model had no drivers!!).  It …

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Industrial Heritage Holiday I – Mines, canals & a mill

I had been looking at this holiday for about 3 years and managed to book it this year.  I think it was actually “Industrial Heritage of Shropshire” and was based at Church Stretton, Shropshire. On the evening of our arrival there was an introductory talk from the person leading the tour, but it was quite …

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Steam engines and windmills

On bank holiday Monday, I met up with my niece, her husband and my great-niece and we went to visit Crofton Beam Engines and Wilton Windmill.   This was my idea as I wanted to go and thought they might like to come as well.  Both attractions are about half way between our respective homes …

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Thank you presents

I must have complained too much about putting together the IKEA furniture because a few weeks later I was told there ware presents as a thank you for doing it. First I was given a special apron for doing the chest of drawers. And a few weeks later, a special T-shirt for helping with the …

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Do another jigsaw

This one was a bit of a challenge – it took several weeks. There were some days when I seemed to take out as many pieces as I put in. So?  Keep going until it is done!

An evening considering the environment

Our church put on an evening talk and discussion – “One Small Step” – considering what we could do to protect the environment. There was coffee and tea and biscuits on arrival, if one wanted them; chairs were set out and on each chair there was a card from Tear Fund and an envelope labelled …

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