Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Get Your Holiday Cancelled

Two weeks before I was due to go, I had a letter from HF Holidays saying that my “Anyone Can Sing” holiday was cancelled, as not enough people believed it!  Well, they actually said that some people had cancelled and so only 4 people were booked and that number was not viable for the holiday.  That …

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Stop listening to “The Archers”

Yup – I have given up The Archers!  I did wean myself off gradually, but it didn’t take long – less than a week, I think. So what has made me stop listening to The Archers?  I suspect it is the new editor.  The characters seem to have all changed and be acting in ways …

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Accept changes…….

Things seem to change even in retirement…….  So one can do the “grumpy old woman” or accept and even welcome change. So what has changed for me?  Well, at the moment two things – the work at the Trussell Trust (again) and the venue for choir. The Trussell Trust is still in flux – the …

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