Twenty-one minutes?!

A young friend visited this week – well, he is 33, but I consider that young.  And I have known him since he was born, on and off, so that makes him young to me.  I seem to have quite a few friends that age – how odd….

Anyway, I bought a treacle tart from one of the large supermarkets for us to have with ice-cream for a pudding.  I love hot treacle tart with cold ice-cream but treacle tarts are always too big to buy for one.  I suppose I could make a small one just for me – maybe?  Or, knowing my cooking, maybe not….  Fortunately, my friend does like the same combination, but I am not sure that was much of a consideration.

So, when I came to cook it, the instructions said it should be in the oven for twenty-one minutes.  Not just 20, not 25, but 21!  How can they be so precise?  I doubt if every oven is exactly the temperature stated – I have certainly never checked mine.  And who remembers to take it out at exactly the right time?  Do you think it would have been under-cooked if I had only left it for 20 minutes?  But what if my oven wasn’t hot enough?  Do you think I would have burnt it if it had been left for 25 minutes, or 23?  What if the oven was too hot?

And then it says: “All ovens vary in performance.  This is a guide only”!!  So, in that case wouldn’t 20 minutes do?  They know that ovens vary and can only give a guide, so to be so precise does not make sense.  I find it all very weird.

My friend and I had a discussion about it and it is his fault that it is in this blog – he suggested it.

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