Help at a wedding

The daughter of my housegroup leaders was getting married, so all the housegroup members got an invitation to the service.  Then some time later there was a phone call – would I be prepared to help serve, but mostly clear away, the cakes and drinks that were to be available after the service and before people left for the reception?  This is a good way to keep people occupied while photographs are being taken outside the church.  I had done this for another woman in our housegroup and so I said “yes”.

So, I got to the church at about 12.15 and joined the other lady who was mixing the Elderflower Cordial that was to be served.  The mini cup-cakes were already out on stands.

Mini cup-cakes on their stands
Mini cup-cakes on their stands

The glasses were also out already, so I just had to help fill and put out the jugs of drink.  Then it was a matter of watching people arrive and directing a few people to the to the toilets.

The weather had been a bit showery and the heavens opened just as the bride’s car arrived!  She waited in the car until it stopped, then there were some photos taken before the bride entered – following her 4 bridesmaids and small flower girl.  The service was lovely – very personal, with music, prayers, talk all done by family members from both sides.

I slipped out just before the end and made sure everything was ready.

Drinks, glasses and cakes - all ready.
Drinks, glasses and cakes – all ready.

When people came out of the service we actually served quite a few glasses of water, as it was quite warm and people seemed quite thirsty.  There was time for 2 or 3 of my ex-pupils to come and re-introduce themselves – not surprising as the bride was from the school where I taught, although I managed to avoid teaching her.  Then there were the necessary photographs…….

Bride, groom and bridesmaids.
Bride, groom and bridesmaids.

The wedding party then left for the reception, and we were left with a lot of glasses to put through the dishwasher and then into boxes.  There were also a lot of  empty cupcake cases and everything else had to be put into the other woman’s car.  She found some young men to help with that!  We finished at about 3.30, I guess and I was a bit more tired than I expected.  I must be getting old!

So would I do it again?  Probably, but I don’t think there is anyone else in our housegroup likely to get married……


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