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Go to a “felting” workshop

The church community worker had arranged a “felting workshop” on two consecutive Thursday afternoons during the summer when most church activities seem to stop.  I decided to go, because there were spaces and because the most recent on-line course I had done – “Strategies for successful ageing” – seemed to think that it was good …

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Help start a book group

A friend decided she wanted to start a book group so that she would read a greater variety of books.  As she is dyslexic and sometimes has problems concentrating on reading, I was not sure how this would work out, but said I would support her and come along.  The other friends who said yes …

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“Walking and Sightseeing” on the Isle of Wight – Part 2

Day 4, Wednesday, was a day off so I had a slow start and then followed a walk I had picked up at the “Discovery Point” in the hotel.  It was an easy one and about three and a half miles.  From the hotel it went along the road for a short way and then …

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Go “Walking and Sightseeing” on the Isle of Wight – Part 1

Yet another holiday with hf holidays, this one on the Isle of Wight, staying at…… The walk on the Sunday was to….. …….which were not at their best as it was too early for the roses and for the herbaceous borders, although the bluebells were out.  The walk there was great, though.  First over the …

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OK, so I can’t actually hibernate but I have been feeling like doing so!  This is because like many others I have been indoors, trying to keep warm and finding things to do.  It snowed a bit on Tuesday but it all disappeared again on Wednesday then on Thursday it snowed again, gently at first, …

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Another 50th Birthday

I have too many friends who are younger than me – another one who is only 50!  We celebrated in the SP2 cafe, where she is a volunteer, on the day before her birthday – a day when she was working there. So?  Good thing I have some older friends!

Birthday in Bath

As I had several people who all wanted me to do different things on my birthday I decided to take myself to Bath.  I went on the train which is easiest, as the station is nearly in the centre of Bath.  I didn’t leave very early but the journey is only just under an hour.  …

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Help arrange a 50th birthday party

I was asked before Christmas if I would organise the decorations for the 50th birthday party for a friend and I agreed to do so.  She is very not “girly” so I threatened to do them all in pink!  In fact another friend had got her some tea-light holders with silhouettes of cats, which she …

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Another trip to the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth

Having bought a ticket for the dockyard which enabled me to go as often as I wanted for a year, when I felt like another day out I thought this would be a good idea.  I had the rest of “The Mary Rose” to look at and as it is inside it didn’t matter if …

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Build a bookcase

A friend who is fairly disabled at the moment had bought a flat pack Ikea double cupboard with bookcases above, but was not able to assemble it.  I agreed to try to do it, with the help of another friend who can do the practical bits and help with lifting and moving things but can’t …

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