Christmas 2020

Another Christmas alone – but then there were lots of us this year because of the problems of travelling with the COVID virus getting out of hand.

……more cards arrived.

It seems lots of people felt they needed cheering up so put up decorations early, so I joined them and put up my Christmas tree on Advent Sunday. I had already got my first card and gradually….

Then more cards….
….and more!
…..and more….
Presents under the tree

Then the presents started to arrive and were put under the tree.

On Christmas Day itself I had booked a seat in church so went to the service at 10.30 – having opened a couple of presents first. There was no congregational singing in church, because of COVID, but it was quite a fun service with children and families there.

Christmas lunch

When I got home I started to make my Christmas lunch, which was fairly successful – chicken, pigs-in-blankets, stuffing balls, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, beans and courgettes. The potatoes were frozen ones and one was so small it got burnt.

Raspberries and ice-cream

Afterwards I had raspberries (which I had frozen during the summer) and ice-cream.

It was then time to go for a walk as I had eaten too much and the weather was bright and sunny. I went….

…..down the field towards the Avon.

Then along by the allotments and back along the board walk by the river.

The river

Just to prove I was there (!) this was my shadow.


When I got home I was a bit late joining the family Zoom call and as usual when I joined if I had the camera on then I was apparently fuzzy and the sound was distorted. I turned the camera off and that improved things but the sound was still a bit distorted. I did see everyone though and heard most of what they said.

Chocolate 10 pence

I then had time to open the rest of my presents – not counting the orchid which I had been enjoying for most of the week. Among them there was chocolate money – the 10 pence is what I might have expected….

What I did not expect was a chocolate £10 note – talk about inflation!!

Chocolate £10

Then a quite evening, but on Boxing Day I went for a walk with a friend.

So…? Quite a good Christmas – but my cooking is not as good as my brother’s.

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