This and that

So what have I been doing?  This and that!  Usual weekly activities – charity shop, choir, community café, church, gym (but not much/enough of the last).  Also “helping” with a “Community Alpha Course” (Youth Alpha adapted for adults) and now “Christianity Explored”.  Extras like coffee with friends and progress on the jumper I am knitting.

Did another on-line Course – “In the night sky – Orion” – which was fairly basic astronomy, but quite fun.  Seems to have inspired one of my friends into more star gazing after I gave her a star wheel which shows which constellations are where and when.

Star Wheel
Star Wheel

Totally failed in my attempt to take a photo of Orion – can’t work out how to leave the camera shutter open for as long as I want, so couldn’t get enough light and street lights and such don’t help.

Orion?  Well, the street lights show!
Orion? Well, the street lights show!

I am now starting a new course on “England in the time of Richard III”.

Have also been doing quite a lot of visiting a friend, first of all in hospital and then at home, where she is temporarily stuck upstairs until they get all the rails and supports needed so she can get downstairs safely.  I can’t believe how long it is taking.  Carers come in 3 times a day, but half an hour at lunchtime is not enough to make a proper meal, so I have made a decent one a couple of times.  Some of the carers are really good and have started to prepare a meal in the morning when they know they are in again at lunchtime, but others cannot even wash up properly.  One tried putting mashed potato in the microwave with the paper wrapping still round it and the without piercing the film lid.  Apparently all she can do is microwave “Wiltshire Farm Foods”, where one doesn’t pierce the film lid!   Another problem is getting my friend up (and breakfast?) at say 11.00 then the next carer coming in at 12.00 for lunch.  Good thing that she frequently doesn’t have breakfast anyway and that she can make coffee upstairs and has fruit and a few other bits if she wants them.

Not done much dog walking recently but have been given quite a lot of flowers – first for my birthday and then as thanks for the visiting etc. which has been lovely.  Still collecting leaves from the autumn, and still probably got another bin full to go……  Have even managed a bit of cleaning(!) lots of ironing and the usual domestic tasks.

So?  Life goes on ……

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