Lockdown 2 – before and week 1

Books from Library

We had some warning of this lockdown and as we had done it before it was possible to be more prepared! As it was “leaked” on the Saturday I went down to town and started in the library and got out 4 books. Having 2 already and having 3 of my own, so far unread, I hoped those would last. While in town I also went to the charity shop that usually has Christmas cards I like, bought some, then to another shop and got my first Christmas presents.

Other preparations included arranging to go for walks with a couple of people – walking with one other person is apparently allowed; starting an on-line course: “Rome” (I have done it before but my internet connection is now faster so I can actually move around the virtual model of Ancient Rome with reasonable ease – unlike before when I went in jerks several seconds after I have moved the mouse); challenging a friend to cook one new dish a week and encouraging another friend to put out a plea for magazines so she can do collage. In fact the last did get some magazines but is doing a different on-line course and has no time for collage! The last preparation came when my hairdresser phoned and moved my appointment from 30th November to 5th December – which we hope will be possible.

So how was week 1? The first walk was down to the Avon and along to the bridge to Stratford-sub-Castle. It was a bit muddy in places but not too bad. We stayed looking over the bridge in the sunshine for a while.

Our reflections in the water!

She saw a kingfisher flash under the bridge and it then sat on a tree overlooking the water and then moved to another bush. We just watched it for a while.

Kingfisher on the bush

She then unfortunately looked away to talk to someone and in that time the kingfisher went down into the water and caught a fish! I was watching, but it is very fast. We walked up the path a bit and there was a tree with berries – and also with rats eating them. I prefer the kingfisher – and seeing it catch a fish really made my week.

The walk with the other friend was very muddy. We went down to the Nadder and in the wood above the river we saw a “gang” (how my friend likes to describe them) of long-tailed tits, which was lovely.

Mushroom soup

The friend making a new dish made mushroom soup – enough to last 2 days and described as “yummy”.

In Rome I explored the Arch of Claudius – and this time managed to walk under it and all around it. Then the Porta Maggiore, which as well as being an entrance carried some aqueducts into the city. Had fun walking on water as well as going through the entrance and exploring the environment around it. The Basilica Julia was next – close to/in (?) the forum – and it was quite impressive with lots of space and side rooms and decorated floors and ceilings. The last walk of the week was the Imperial Fora – got fairly lost and was only certain which I was in when it was Trajan’s forum, but I did go into all of them and moved from one to another without too much problem. It is quite fun to walk round ancient Rome and certainly worked much better than last time I did it.

So week 1 went – kept busy, made quite a few phone calls, had coffee with my “bubble partner”, finished 1 book and got most of the way through the next.

So? On to week 2…

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