Lockdown 3 – weeks 2 & 3

Getting into a routine of lockdown again…..

I do a walk most days, but as we are only supposed to be doing one lot of outside exercise a day my walks have tended to be longer – on fine days. Everywhere is so muddy that I mostly stick to the streets, and on one or two days a week the exercise is combined with shopping. For days when the weather is horrible i.e. it is wet or icy or there is snow, …


… I have been building up a “home workout” – mostly using videos from the leisure centre. I had got two but have now discovered that there are at least 5 – and they seem to get harder!

Home workout kit – “weights”, chair, towel, door, door frame, step.

I deliver small amounts of shopping to 3 people on a Monday so that involves socially distanced chats on the doorsteps – except for my “bubble partner”, where I go in.

Most afternoons seem to be spent on the phone – or I have at least one phone call a day. My jigsaw is making progress as is the knitting.

Knitting has made progress

The latter has made most progress when I have been listening to “catch-up radio” on the computer. This started with “How to vaccinate the world”, which I kept missing as I was still shopping. But I have also listened to “The infinite monkey cage”, which is longer on BBC Sounds that when live, and to “Inside science”. The science programmes are on in the afternoons at a time I find inconvenient.

3 crime books selected for me from the library.

Unusual activities have been going to fetch the ashes of the cat (who was put down in the first week) and I ordered some books from the library. One chooses a genre and says how many books one wants and the librarians select them. I went to pick up my first order, where I had said 3 books and stated ‘crime and thrillers’ and ‘general fiction’. I was given 3 crime, which was a bit disappointing, so I have ordered a couple of ‘general fiction’ to read between the crime – if I get them on time. I think all the authors are new to me, which seemed one of the good things about this system – finding new authors one likes.

So? I am getting into the swing of this again, but I have noticed that several people have said it is getting harder, or that they are bored! I still have the cleaning to do – again!

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