Lockdown 3 – Week 4

Done all the usual things this week – walks, shopping, phone calls…

In addition I have:

Made marmalade.


Picked up 2 more books from the library. I asked for 2 general fiction but one is another crime…

New books from the library

Finished a jigsaw.

Finished jigsaw

Had a birthday.

Birthday cards

I also had a couple of visitors who stayed a good distance while we chatted; a friend who called with a card and present and with whom I went for a walk; a couple of texts and several phone calls, two of whom had to leave messages either because I was on the phone to someone else or out on a walk.

More cards and presents!

I am also starting to hear of quite a lot of people who have had their first COVID-19 vaccine or have dates to get it, which is making people more cheerful.

So? Not a bad week with some useful things and fun things!

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