Too many kittens?

First there was Rufus.

He has grown into a (quite handsome) cat.

Then there was Taffy, who has also grown into a (quite furry) cat.

She got a friend – Toffee – and he is all black.

Are they really friends or do they just live in the same house?

Now there is Dobby – who fell into the pond on his first (unescorted) trip outside!

Dobby with his “slave” who is proving difficult to train!

And also Rollo – who is part Siamese (can you tell?) and was attempting to burn his paws on the cooker….

So? Do I want one too? No way!

Rufus, Taffy and Rollo all bite and scratch; Dobby climbs the wallpaper which will need to be dealt with at some stage – as well as having to be dried and comforted after his “swim”. Toffee does not always use his litter tray (I would hate cat wee in my trainers!) and Rollo arrived with fleas, so he and the whole house have had to have flea treatment. If I want to play with a kitten there are plenty to chose from…..

(Many thanks to Rufus’ slave and my great-niece who sent pictures.)

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  1. Toffee wasn’t all black when he got into the cornflour. That wasn’t explained. Just why your great niece 1 was holding a black and white kitten.

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