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Lockdown, week 1 and before

Several of my friends have been “self-isolating” since before the lockdown as they are vulnerable for one reason or another, so there has been more than a week of non-normal activity.  We are having to work out how to cope. There seem to be a few important areas to consider:  social contact, exercise, keeping busy …

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Mild winter or Global Warming?

Or maybe global warming leading to a mild winter?  It has certainly had a weird effect in my garden.  I had a rose out on 1st January.  It wasn’t perfect but it was fully out. This one, from the same rose bush, was open in the middle of January.  Also in the middle of January …

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Thank you presents

I must have complained too much about putting together the IKEA furniture because a few weeks later I was told there ware presents as a thank you for doing it. First I was given a special apron for doing the chest of drawers. And a few weeks later, a special T-shirt for helping with the …

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