Lockdown 3 – Week 5

Much like the previous weeks but spent more time reading the books I got from the library. In addition:

I made more marmalade, so I have enough for the year (I hope) with a couple of pots to give away.

More marmalade
Avon, from the bridge to Stratford-sub-Castle

I had an extra trip to town on Tuesday, for the market and a few other bits and came back via Queen Elizabeth Gardens and realised that walking by a river is very restful and uplifting so, having cleaned most of the mud off my boots on Friday morning, I then took a road walk that took me to the path down to the river. The river is expanding!

River is wider….
Wet and muddy path

The path back was “a bit” muddy and wet but the birds were singing quite loudly – I got the impression they think it is spring!

On the Saturday, one of my friends who is “clinically very vulnerable” had her first COVID vaccination and asked me to walk with her from her home to the Cathedral where she was getting her jab. They had been giving the Pfizer one, so I was expecting to have a 20 minute wait as they are told to sit down for 15 minutes after that one and I was planning to do a couple of things in town. When we got there they were giving the Oxford vaccine so there was almost no wait and I couldn’t get done the things I had hoped! We walked back via Lizzie Gardens again – where the river is also expanding….

Wider river at Queen Elizabeth Gardens, too

I also started the new jigsaw I got for my birthday.

Start of the new jigsaw

So? That was another week….

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