Lockdown 3 – Week 6

Icicles on the Nadder

A cold week! We didn’t have much snow though and most disappeared fairly quickly as the temperature just got above freezing and the strong wind dried up what had melted.

River Avon (again)

Early in the week I took another walk down to the Avon – on the path next to the horses, who were all wearing rugs I was glad to see. The path was frozen in most places where the sun hadn’t reached it and only a little muddy where the sun had hit it. There were not many people around – the wind was quite cold! Having walked along the board-walk I thought I would go to the end and back by the field, but when I got to the end I decided maybe not…..

End of the board-walk going into the field…

Later in the week I walked down to the Nadder. The river had extended there too.

I am sure this was the path…..

It had obviously been very muddy but most of the path (not under water) was frozen and dried hard so more care was needed not to twist an ankle than to avoid mud. There were very few people there either – I only saw two men, at different points, with their dogs. It was very cold but still a lovely walk.

Lovely walk – probably my favourite
Shadows and reflections

Also during the week the jigsaw has made progress….

Jigsaw progress

….as has the knitting.

Progress of the scarf

On Saturday I went to our “vaccination centre” for my first COVID jab.

Vaccination centre

Walked there and got VERY cold, despite all the layers I was wearing. There was a queue along the cloisters when I got there, but it did move quite fast. What took longest was removing layers! It was the Oxford vaccine so I didn’t have to wait afterwards. They were playing “Jesu joy of man’s desiring” (I think) on the organ…. Hot chocolate when I got home! And raised temperature and headache by the next day….

So? I wonder what I can find to do next week?

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