Lockdown 3 – Week 7

Rather a damp week! Two of the three times I went out for a walk for exercise, it rained before I got home. They were both supposed to be pavement walks, but I deviated a little on the second, to follow a small path and now I have to clean my shoes as well as my boots.

Snowdrops been out for a while

The damp has meant that it has been warmer so now as well as the snowdrops which have been out for ages I also have daffodils starting to come out, which is good – spring might be coming.

Tete-a-tete daffodils
King Alfred
New workout kit!

I have been watching another exercise video and so adding exercises to my “home-workout” on the days when it has rained too much to go out. This means I have added a new piece of equipment to the workout kit.

The highlight of the week was pancake day – Shrove Tuesday – so I had pancakes. No pictures – I was too busy cooking and eating them! They turned out ok, although the cheese pancakes could have done with more cheese.

Apart from that I seem to have spent a lot of the week trying to do my jigsaw – but the progress is very slow.

Slow progress on jigsaw

I have also finished the knitting of the scarf – mostly when listening to “catch-up” radio. It still has to be sewn up and tassels added, though.

So? Maybe next week will be more exciting – or I will do more useful things?

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