Lockdown 3 – Week 8

Washing outside

A better week weather-wise – I even managed to hang some washing outside a couple of times – for the first time this year – and it dried quite well.

I also managed to do some useful things!

I spent quite a bit of time in the garden – mostly doing pruning of wisteria, roses and clematis. I don’t really know how to do the first 2 properly but I guess with the roses and looked on the internet and then did my best with the wisteria. I hope it is ok! I also hacked back the winter flowering jasmine a bit, before it gets totally out of hand.

Chilli to freeze

I made a batch of chilli – one portion to eat and five to freeze.

Clean shoes, cleaner boots

I even cleaned my shoes and boots. The shoes were clean, but the boots didn’t really get any better than “cleaner” as the sponge bits on the cans of cleaner kept falling off and had to be held on as well as I could.

On my walks I have tried to find bits of river where there is a path, so it is not muddy and I have looked for more signs of spring.

The Nadder from a different place
Catkins – signs of spring!
New amaryllis in flower

The excitements for the week were: my this year’s amaryllis coming into flower and making a hair appointment – for the 29th April. My new hairdresser (same salon, different woman) phoned on Wednesday to arrange it – my previous hairdresser being pregnant with twins and due fairly soon!

So? A rather better week. Good weather does make all the difference!

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