Lockdown 3 – Week 9

This week the jigsaw has made progress.

Progress of jigsaw

The scarf has been finished – I expect the weather will now get warmer – and probably wetter.

Finished scarf

But most of the week has been spent on the car and puzzles. The car had a service and MOT on Tuesday – which it passed, but I was told the “drive belt is worn/cracked”. They didn’t have a spare so couldn’t replace it! On Wednesday I phoned a friend who I know uses another small local garage (that I can walk to) and was given the name and phone number and a recommendation. I phoned that garage and they said I could take the car in on Friday – which I did. They called it the “auxiliary belt” and they did it in a morning. I had been a bit wary of driving the car much as I was told the belt could go at any time – but is now sorted so it can have a longer drive to charge the battery – also signed as a bit low.

The puzzles come from a sudoku book given to me for Christmas but it contains all sorts of odd shaped sudoku, which I am finding quite challenging! A 16×16 one took me 4 days – not that I spent all the time on it, but far too much!

Odd shaped and large sudoku

There were also some puzzles of about 6 different types, as it was the Christmas edition. At my present rate of progress it will take me until next Christmas!

Another different puzzle
Different puzzle

Think I might stick to the normal ones for a while….

So? What will next week bring….

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