Lockdown 3 – Week 10

A friend sent me this cartoon, which I gather was in a Waitrose magazine. It seems to sum up life at the moment for those of us who don’t work…..

(The pigeon is saying “Hello again”)

Well, I haven’t done much else this week – although 2 of my walks were to the supermarket, two were with a friend (who is shielding and will only go out if she is with someone) and when it rained a lot I did a home-workout, not a walk. There was a hail shower or two though when I was on one of the walks with my friend – fairly brief, thankfully! Also I see pigeons when I am at home – in my garden – and I tend to see robins or blackbirds when I am out walking. The blossom is out on the trees, so spring is coming.

Blossom out on the trees.

Apart from walks, I have phoned some people who I don’t phone often – just for a change – and booked a weekend away in Sussex at the end of July.

So? A really uninteresting week! Maybe next week will be more exciting?!!

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